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Southern Army & Kimball's Division [BCoF]

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Welcome to the Southern Army & Kimball's Division Official Website

We are a NA/ EU Based Group, We aim to bring a more fun experience to BCoF while also staying true to the period Commanding & Tactical wise (Semi-Casual)

This was made in 07/28/2021 and this is Ben's take on the DA/UB Format/ Style but edited & changed so it does not steal the original names
Also everything is NA/EU there is no split between NA or EU for CS & US sides that way it does not result in Conflict between the 2

We hope to bring enjoyment & some historical accuracy to BCoF and work with a wonderful community so if you or if your regiment chooses to join our cause please check out the Contact Section

SA/KD Official Schedule (To come of BCoF's Release)

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Note: Regs might have events on days that have no Event so please check your Regiments specific information channel for their schedule or speak with a CO/NCO